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Everyone knows life’s greatest moments are fuelled by love and good energy, but beer our favourite drink, makes us floppy and we like to be turned on ;) We need a boost after work or to keep the party going.

So, to keep that sensual spirit alive we bring you TURBO Energy Beer. The ultimate fusion: it tastes like a premium lager should taste, it quenches the thirst and provides the buzz you need, thanks to the addition of caffeine.

We believe in living every moment to the fullest and we fear no obstacles. We add a sense of excitement to everyday life and unite friends in celebration. With Turbo we aim to make you smile, laugh and most importantly love!


TURBO is an artisanal lager beer brewed with premium ingredients - a specially curated blend of barley malt and light hops with a caffeine additive. It has been perfected over several years to ensure the most refreshing, light and crisp lager.

Each 33cl bottle is 5% AbV and contains 80mg of caffeine. With TURBO we have created a beer that provides a new sensation and a new experience; it turns you on like other beers can’t. You won’t be disappointed ;)

Turbo Energy Beer Premium ha sido puesta a prueba en catas especializadas obteniendo valoraciones por encima de la media del mercado, con una diferenciación clara y agradable.


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The next in the range of revolutionary products from the Turbo brand - stay tuned!